Forget your Name. Become a Slave of the Pushers.
31 Jan, 2008 -
31 Jan, 2008
Angela Dorrer og Lotte Juul Petersen
Foredrag og præsentation

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Forget your Name. Become a Slave of the Pushers - et foredrag og præsentation af Urban Pilgrims: Urbane pilgrimsrejser er poetiske urbane ekstrakter. De graver sig vej til byens kerne for at finde ud af, hvad steder og de mennesker, der bor der, virkelig handler om!
Tordag d. 31 jan. 2008 kl. 19.30 i Studsgade 46 8000 Århus C
Bag projektet Urban Pilgrims står den tysk-canadiske kunstner Angela Dorrer, som de sidste 3 måneder været på residency ophold i Danmark og tilknyttet Fabrikken for kunst og Design (KBH).

Lotte Juul Petersen fra Fabrikken for kunst og Design vil kort introducere aftenen med at informere om 'Fabrikken' som huser 80 proffesionelle kunstnere og designere - står for et stor udstillings- program samt et internationalt residency program.

Den aktuelle resident Angela Dorrer vil fortsætte aftenen med at fortælle og om Urban Pilgrim: Urbane pilgrimsrejser er poetiske urbane ekstrakter. De graver sig vej til byens kerne for at finde ud af, hvad steder og de mennesker, der bor der, virkelig handler om! Deltagere I pilgrimsrejserne bliver involveret i skrædersyede, dramatiserede optrin, baserede på resultaterne af en online undersøgelse, en blog og et stadigt voksende internetarkiv af menneskers oplevelser, historier, rygter og personlige oplevelser fra byerne.
Urbane pilgrimsrejser kan have flere former såsom instrueret adfærd og processionslignende ture med kollektive bevægelser, gestik, lyd, rekvisitter, mad, musik og møder. Personer og miljøer på et givet sted bliver med deres historier, rygter, personlige oplevelser og følelser selve kunstens materiale. Individuel erfaring bliver offentlig og bidrager til kortlægningen af stederne – det essentielle hjælpemiddel til det 21. århundredes rejsende.


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Forget your Name. Become a Slave of the Pushers - talk and presentation of Urban Pilgrims:
Thu Jan31st 08, 19:00. Rum46, Studsgade 46, st. tv., 8000 Århus

Forget your Name. Become a Slave of the Pushers
Angela Dorrer about Urban Pilgrims in Copenhagen, Vienna and Calgary.
Urban Pilgrimages are poetic urban extracts. They dig their way into the grain of cities to find out what places and its people are really about. The project is an examination of urban spaces on various levels: an online questionnaire among inhabitants about legends, rumours and personal experiences in their city, a blog, exhibition/installation, photographs, continuously growing online archives and guided tours in public.
If you could be the good fairy and had a wish free for your city what would you wish? If your city was a person, what kind of person would it be? Through an online questionnaire and map of the city, visitors are asked about their personal experiences in relation to specific locations of their choice. Naturally, through the accumulation of answers, issues of power relationships, spatial structures, image production and forms of urban appropriation will be addressed und published online.

As a conclusion of the research the participants of the Urban Pilgrimages get involved in individually tailored, dramatized performances about their place. Urban Pilgrimages are procession-like journeys with behavioural instructions: collective movement, gesture, sound, props, food, music and personal encounters. The personalities and communities within the given place with their stories and emotions become the artistic material. Individual experience becomes a public field, which generates a new cartography of a place - the essential toolkit for the 21st century voyager.

Urban Pilgrimages happened so far in Copenhagen (2007/2008), Vienna (2007), Calgary (2006), Edmonton (2005), Munich (2004) and will take place in Montreal (2008). In Calgary the Urban Pilgrims performed a baroque dance, kissed pedestrians and sang a love song to the ducks. In Edmonton everybody turned their clothes inside out, called a suicide helpline and did the purple city performance. In Vienna participants ran on time on Heldenplatz, did a sugar burning at Michaelerplatz and visited a brothel and the entrance to the underworld. In Copenhagen the Thursday demonstrators read Tales about Darkness on one of the darkes days of the year at Jagtvei69, the site of the former Ungdomshuset. Every city originates a complete new series of site-specific behavioral instructions, new rituals for the place.

Urban Pilgrims address several topics: The interweaving of public spaces (real and virtual). The memory of places. Walking as a creative act. The re-enchantment ('Wiederverzauberung') of landscape. The substitution of traditional spirituality with art-activitities. The dealing with different media, networks and the identity of communities. The role of the artist as a mediator. The contradictory views of rational and holististic world-views. The submission to situations and orchestrating them with the goal of creating very specific atmospheres and images.
"Angela Dorrer's Pilgrimage digs into the strata of urban myth and anecdote. Responding to a survey model it does not propose a 'more true' reading of the urban landscape. Instead it gives the viewer a glimpse of a particular subjectivity, a part of which is the viewer's own." (Marc Clintberg)

Angela Dorrer (D/CAN) studied Fine Arts in Montreal and Munich and lives at present in Vienna.
Chewing parties with celebrities, family reunions via the Internet, gatherings of freemasons, public pilgrimages - communication and networking are the central themes in Angela Dorrer's works. Personal stories and encounters between people unknown to each other are recurring motifs. Here, entire topical complexes develop that are processed in various visual forms and, often, in several artistic roles. The internet plays an important part in her practice. Angela cofounded the Program Angels at lothringer13 – an interdisciplinary team that operated a performance and new media space for the Munich City Council (2000-2005). In 2006 she curated several exhibitions as part of paraflows 06, Viennas new media and netculture-festival. 2007 launch of urbanpilgrims.org.


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